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How to pack hangers for moving

By now, you should be left with nothing but the clothes hangers you’ve decided to take with you. And if that is the case, then read on to learn the best ways to pack hangers when moving to another home.

Wardrobe boxes

This is by far the best method of moving your hangers – you just leave your clothes on them and place both of them in special cardboard cartons called wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are specifically designed for transportation of clothes, so you can’t go wrong there. Simply transfer your pieces of clothing from your closet or wardrobe directly into those special-purpose boxes and hang them on the metal hanging bar that comes with each container.

This clothes and hanger packing method is very fast and it provides the best protection possible for both your garments and their supporting frames. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles either. The only two drawbacks are that wardrobe boxes are expensive and take up plenty of storage space.

Stack them and wrap them

Another good way to pack hangers efficiently is to stack and wrap them by following the steps below:


Group your worthy hangers by size and material. Keep wire hangers separate from your wooden and plastic ones.

Stack them neatly one on top of the other in bundles of 10-12 pieces.

Use long rubber bands (or tie together a few shorter ones) to secure your clothes hangers prior to wrapping. Yes, the same rubber bands you’ve been collecting for so long will finally be put to good use.

Get one rubber band around the neck part of the bundled hanger, go down around their bottom bars and tie it up again at the neck area to fix them in place.

If you’re short on rubber bands, use stretch wrap instead to secure the bundle of already grouped and stacked clothes hangers. Do not use regular packing tape as it will most likely ruin the surface of your pieces.

Finally, once you’ve stacked and wrapped your wooden, plastic or metal clothes hangers, wrap an old bed sheet over them for additional protection. An old blanket is another option but the bundle will probably become more voluminous than you want.

The garbage bag trick

Looking for creative ways to pack hangers? Your search is over now.

Take a clean garbage bag, poke a small hole in its bottom and pull the bag in an upward motion over several pieces of clothes as they are hung on their hangers in the wardrobe. Tie the hooks together, and voila – you have the perfect clothes bundle in under a minute. Repeat this clothes packing trick a few more times and you’ll be done in no time – clothes and hangers are going with you while you’ve only used up no more than 10 minutes of your time.

How not to pack hangers when moving

Keep in mind that advice can be a dangerous thing and you shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear.

Somebody may suggest that the easiest way to pack hangers is to just leave them in the clothing wardrobe – after all, wardrobes are not usually transported on their sides so what’s the problem? Don’t do it. The mere fact that the hangers won’t be fixed in one place will allow them to move freely inside which in turn could scratch the bottom surfaces of the wardrobe or closet, or damage one of their sides’ altogether. Remember that no item should be left just like that to whatever end.

Another moving expert may advise that you just throw your hangers in a cardboard box. Clothes hangers tend to tangle with each other almost effortlessly, and could get bent out of shape or get broken during the haul. Besides, think of the wasted storage room – an entire medium to large sized box full of nothing but randomly placed hangers.

Packing and Wrapping

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